I’ve worked alongside Charles Sizemore at Dent Research since the beginning.

He has a passion for investing that’s impossible to ignore and his conservative nature and disciplined focus on finding great values makes for a winning combination.

He also has a deep appreciation for market history and a keen understanding about how present-day markets often “rhyme” with historical environments.

That’s why, on one hand, the discover of what he’s calling the “Never-Ending Bull Market” is somewhat surprising.

After all, Charles understands like the rest of us that markets go in cycles… they can’t possibly go up forever.

And yet he’s found a way…

Not only that, but the “Never-Ending Bull Market” he discovered is consistent with his conservative nature and I’m confident it will do everything he says it should in the years ahead.

Charles just released Part 2 of his bonus video, Inside the Never-Ending Bull Market….

If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you take less than ten minutes out of your day to check it out.

You can watch that video by clicking here.

– Adam