Hi, it’s Dave again.

We’ve been talking about the “Never-Ending Bull Market” the past week and everyone here in the office is getting pretty excited for the big presentation.

Our team of experts – Harry, Rodney, Adam, Lance and John – they all agree that this is one of the most powerful wealth-creating discoveries they’ve ever seen.

Charles has looked at historical data all the way back to 1999 and shown that it could have helped you become a multi-millionaire starting from just $10,000.

Now, the official number from that research comes in a hair over $7.5 M.  

In reality, trading patterns of different investors could have led to slight variations in that… but the result would still be in the millions.

And Charles is so confident in the “Never-Ending Bull Market,” he’s made it his personal goal to show at least 10,000 people how to use it potentially become a millionaire themselves.

So, I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you want to be one of these future millionaires?
  2. If so, what would you do with all that money? 

You don’t have to answer me. In fact, you may have already done that when you registered for the event.

I just want to make sure you believe it can happen – because with the “Never-Ending Bull Market,” it absolutely can!

By the way, here’s what several of your fellow attendees told us about their millionaire dreams: 

  • “Becoming a millionaire would change my life by allowing me to retire again.  I retired ten years ago at probably one of the worst market environments and economy.  I am hoping to retire again soon. I would like to buy another house, one with a garage, as we live in northern Ohio, where the winters seem to last forever.” – registered attendee
  • “I used to be a multi-millionaire and lost it all in the 2008 downturn – a sad story. Increasing my portfolio to 7 figures would give me the financial security I used to have. Plus I could once more help the charities that I long to give to. I’d like to help my community in tangible ways as well. And my family also. What a blessing this would be!” – registered attendee
  • “I would put it back in the market and double and triple it again, over and over.” – registered attendee
  • “Becoming a millionaire would enable me to quit my job and give me more time to spend with family, hobbies, and charities. I would pay off my mortgage and car payment and invest the rest.” – registered attendee