Hi, Dave Okenquist here. I’m a Senior Analyst here at Dent Research.

We talk a lot about the markets around the office and we get a lot of feedback from our readers.

Lately, one question has been on everyone’s mind…

How much longer will this bull market last?

With volatility ramping up this year, I think even the most optimistic person has to see the cracks starting to show in this eight-year bull market.

But I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be too worried, because there’s a way to ensure it NEVER ends.

You see, Charles Sizemore, our Chief Retirement Strategist, has been researching this market for a while now and he’s discovered something that will change the way you think about investing forever.

He’s calling it the “Never-Ending Bull Market.”

And his historical testing shows this “Never-Ending Bull Market” has been charging higher for over eighteen years now… and shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, Charles believes it could go on forever… and create an entirely new generation of millionaires as a result.

Since 1999, this “Never-Ending Bull Market” could have:

  • Generated an average annual return of 43.1% compared to just 3.63% for the S&P 500
  • Crushed the benchmark S&P 500 by a whopping 813 times since May 1999
  • And transformed a modest $10,000 portfolio into over $7.5 million dollars since 1999

Now some of these numbers sounds a bit unbelievable, even to me.

But I know to give Charles the benefit of the doubt. After all, he’s our Chief Retirement Strategist for a reason.

Charles is a value investor at heart, recommending only safe, conservative investments that will help grow your money, not risky investments that’ll crush your portfolio.

So, when he says this “Never-Ending Bull Market” is the safest way for average investors to turn a modest investment into a million dollars or more, I believe him.

I’ll tell you more about Charles, his discovery and his investing philosophy in the coming days.

Our Never-Ending Bull Market Discovery: Watch $10k turn into $7.5 million… and how you can do it too!

I’m looking forward to being your guide as we reveal this amazing discovery.

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Dave O.